Security Locks

Determining the type of security lock you need for your home can range from minimal to maximum security depending on your needs.

Types of Security Locks:

Privacy Lock is a doorknob or lever that locks from the interior only and has no key slot on the outside.

Night latch is a type of interior lock that automatically locks the door whenever it is closed.

Surface-Mounted Deadbolt are moderate security locks that use a button or key to lock the door from the inside or outside. A button is turned or pressed from the inside of the door to lock. The key is used on the outside of the door to lock or unlock the door.

Deadbolts are maximum security locks that use a key on the outside and turning knob on the inside.

Keyless Entry is a maximum security lock that uses a code to lock or unlock a door. An alarm can be activated after a code is entered incorrectly three times. There are some systems that are compatible with some garage door openers.

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