Deadbolt Locks

By installing a deadbolt lock into your home or building you are increasing the safety of you and those around you. There are many different types of deadbolt locks on the market. Picking the right lock for your door is crucial in determining the type of security and functionality that is necessary.

Single Cylinder:

This is the most common type of deadbolt lock. It is key operated from the outside and uses a metal latch on the inside. This lock generally meets the security needs for most homeowners.

Double Cylinder:

This type of deadbolt requires a key to open the door from the inside as well as the outside. These are especially useful on homes that have glass windows. This will prevent a burglar form breaking into the home if they break the glass.

Keyless Entry:

This deadbolt has been growing in popularity over the last few years due to their convenience and high security level. Using a keypad or a remote device allows for access into your home or building without a key. Many of these entries are battery operated.

Vertical Deadbolt:

This type of deadbolt is bolted on the inside face of the door making it almost impossible for an intruder to break in. These tend to be bulkier in size but they are easy to install.

Mortise Deadbolt:

This is an older style deadbolt that is cut into the edge of a door. It is very strong and extremely hard to tamper with.

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